Invasive Species

The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) has extensive experience monitoring invasive species and their impacts on Florida's rare species and ecosystems. FNAI can conduct a variety of invasive species surveys, management reviews, species distribution modeling, and training workshops to assist land managers. See some examples below.

Baseline Monitoring

We utilize transects, random sampling points, survey grids or permanent photo plots to map baseline presence data, determine population sizes, and prioritize treatment area.

Example: We surveyed bottomland forest to record pre-treatment infestation cover for the invasive plant small-leaf spiderwort (Tradescantia fluminensis) for a pilot treatment project. Using a network of 422 hexagons (20m interior radius) for rapid surveying, this project took two surveyors two days to assess the entire 130 acre project site. This method captures the variability of cover of the target species in the project area.

Hex plot of an invasive species coverage
Coverage of an invasive species observed during a survey

Adaptive Management Monitoring

We assess the effects of management actions which are applied to invasive species, such as herbicide treatments and prescribed burning. We conduct follow-up surveys to assess the effectiveness of management actions on invasive species, and propose additional management actions to further manage invasive species.

Post-herbicide Effectiveness Surveys

We have standard protocols to survey for invasive plant treatment projects conducted by contractors, ensuring both coverage of treatment area and control of target species is adequate. An example report is here.

Species Distribution Modeling and Mapping

We develop spatial models to predict invasive species at the site or regional scale. We can also map invasions using ground-truthed points to create a highly accurate map of local species densities.

Identification and Management Training Workshops

We can provide a day-long training workshop to educate participants how to identify invasive plant species from similar looking native species. We can also provide participants a workshop that shows typical signs of decline of plants due to herbicide application, and tips to assessing effectiveness of an herbicide treatment project.

Land Management Planning Support

We set up monitoring programs, conduct trainings, and assist with land management plans.

Invasive Plant Directory

Informational pages about the various exotics found in the state of Florida