Inventory and Monitoring

Working from Key West to Pensacola, the FNAI performs ecological field surveys to target specific inventory needs of the organizations working to conserve Florida's species and their habitats. FNAI scientists meet with agency staff to discuss their needs, and select sites of highest priority based on those needs. Information collected during field surveys assists conservation decision makers in their work while adding valuable data to the FNAI database.

A dragonfly on a leaf Calvert's emerald Somatochlora calverti. Photo by Robert Gundy
Short-term and long-term monitoring
  • Monitoring Current Status, Long-term trends, and Habitat Preferences of Rare Plants in the Pine Rockland Ecosystem of the Florida Keys
  • Since 2004, FNAI has worked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to conduct Objective Based Vegetation Monitoring on Commission managed lands. This program collects data to help FWC land managers to manage natural communities towards a Desired Future Condition represented by FNAI Reference Natural Community sites.
Current and historical natural community mapping
Easement monitoring
  • FNAI conducts standardized monitoring of conservation easements held by the FL Department of Environmental Protection - example report