Natural Communities of Florida

Natural Community Guide

A detailed guide to the standard classification system of 81 natural communities developed by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory and used by several state agencies. Includes community descriptions, species lists, synonyms, and cross-walks to other classification systems. This is the 2010 edition of the Guide.

Reference Sites

Reference sites represent the highest quality examples of natural communities in the state. FNAI has worked with partners to establish and characterize references sites all over the state for multiple criteria.

Natural Community Mapping

FNAI has produced ground-truthed Natural Community maps for over 3.8 million acres of conservation land in Florida (over 20% of the total conservation acreage in the state). Land managing agencies used these maps to ascertain desired future conditions and develop corresponding management strategies. We have incorporated all FNAI Natural Community maps into Florida's Cooperative Land Cover map and they can be downloaded as part of that data set.

Apalachicola National Forest
Wet prairie natural community in Apalachicola National Forest. Photo by Amy Jenkins April 2020