Species of Greatest Conservation Need

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and partners develop Florida's list of Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) as part of the State Wildlife Action Plan. FNAI's species conservation status ranks help to inform FWC's designation of SGCN and provide an objective measure of their status. The SGCN list is separate from FNAI's tracking list, although there is significant overlap. FWC and FNAI have agreed on a goal of reviewing and updating the ranks of SGCN species at least once every ten years. FWC provides support for this work through the State Wildlife Grants Program.

More information on Florida's State Wildlife Action Plan and SGCN can be found on here.

Download the ranks:

The FNAI NatureServe ranks for all SGCN in the 2019 State Wildlife Action Plan can be downloaded here in Excel format.

Charadrius melodus at Honeymoon Island in front of the water
Charadrius melodus at Honeymoon Island, Photo by Robert Gundy
Picture of a Gopher tortoise eating
Gopherus polyphemus at Torreya State Park. Photo by Becca Zeroth