Heteropogon melanocarpus

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Common Name: sweet tanglehead

Family: Poaceae

Common Synonyms: Andropogon melanocarpus

USDA Hardiness Zone: NA

Growth Habit: Annual grass

Origin: Mexico, Central and South America

FISC Category: -

FDACS Listed Noxious Weed: No

Introduction Date: Earliest Florida specimen vouchered in 1891

IFAS Assessment:

  • North: INVASIVE
  • Central: CAUTION
  • South: CAUTION
Close up of spikelets
Anne Barkdoll


Plant annual. Culms 50-200 cm, often with prop roots, freely branching above the base. Sheaths glabrous, with a row of glandular depressions along the keel; ligules 2-4 mm, erose to lacerate; blades 30-50 cm long, 3-12 mm wide, usually folded, abaxial surfaces with dark glandular depressions along the keel. Rames 2.5-6.5 cm. Sessile spikelets 8-11.5 mm, dark brown, awned; calluses about 3 mm; awns 10-15 cm and twisted, coiling together; pedicellate spikelets 16-21 mm, unawned; lower glume midveins glandular, pitted.


Roadsides, firelines, field edges and sandhills


Spreads with wind and vehicle traffic. Leaves smell of citrus/citronella oil. Outcompetes other groundcover in sunny, upland ecosystems.

Map of species distribution

Control Methods

  • Manual: Hand pull or mow before it goes to seed.
  • Chemical: Grass selective herbicide during growing.
  • Biological: NA

Control Notes



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Growth habit included single leaf blade and rames and spikelets of grass
Anne Barkdoll