Our collective scientific and technical expertise allows FNAI to offer a suite of services that complement our core natural heritage functions. If you would like to inquire about a particular service please contact us.

Natural Resource Surveys

Data Services

Biodiversity Status and Trends

  • Rare species occurrence and population trends
  • Natural community interpretation
  • Invasive species occurrence and population trends
  • Taxonomic review and conservation status

Spatial Analysis and Planning

  • Species habitat and predictive distribution modeling
  • Land cover classification and analysis
  • Natural resource mapping and prioritization
  • Reserve design
  • Decision support data and tools
  • Land management review and planning

Why do we charge for some of our services and products?

Although the Inventory is administered by a state institution, we are funded solely through contracts and grants to perform specific environmental research and analysis services. While some of our contracts include funding to provide limited services to the public, we are unable to meet the demand from all of our potential clients through contracts and grants. We therefore charge for many of our products and services in order to cover the costs of providing those services. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.