Released in beta version in December 2008, LandScope America draws together maps, reliable data and compelling information about the environment from many sources and presents them in dynamic and accessible formats. The website features a state-of-the-art online map viewer, requiring no special expertise or GIS software to use, which lets users zoom smoothly from a national view of the landscape to state and local perspectives. Navigating across the American landscape via the map viewer, users are able to access credible and current data, maps, stories and photos about places and topics of interest to them.

LandScope is the result of a unique partnership between the National Geographic Society and NatureServe along with its natural heritage member programs in five states. The Florida Natural Areas Inventory is proud to serve as the steward organization for LandScope Florida. By bringing together the partners' complementary sets of assets -- NatureServe and FNAI's work at the nexus of conservation science and information technology, National Geographic's century-long history of exploration and education -- LandScope seeks to accomplish two primary goals: to inform conservation action by the land protection community and conservation practitioners and to inspire broader support for conservation among the general public.