Field Guides

Field descriptions, photographs, drawings, maps, habitat information, and management guidelines for more than 350 of Florida's rare plant and animal species. Ring-binder format allows user to arrange pages and customize layout for individual use. Durable, waterproof cover for field use.

FNAI Field Guides to the Rare Plants and Rare Animals of Florida are now available FREE, to anyone who wants to pick them up at our office. The field guides were originally published in 2001, so some technical information is now out of date, but they are still a very useful reference for Florida's rare species with excellent photos and drawings. To set up a time to pick up Field Guides from our office please call our Office Manager Dorothy Gochnauer at 850-224-8207 ext. 201.

If not local, they can be shipped by the case by choosing a shipping company of your choice at the customer's expense (See below for detailed shipping instructions).

All shipping labels must be emailed to Dorothy Gochnauer with instructions on what books the labels are for. Email Dorothy here . The Field Guide to the Rare Animals comes with 14 books in the case at 32 pounds, and the Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Florida comes with 12 books in the case at 27 pounds. The cases for both Field Guides are 10 inches high, 11 inches wide and 15 inches long.

Available in two volumes:

Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Florida -- SOLD OUT
by Linda G. Chafin, Botanist with Jean C. Putnam Hancock, Botanical Illustrator and Gil Nelson, Ph.D., Graphic Designer and Chief Photographer

Field Guide to the Rare Animals of Florida
by Dan Hipes, Dale R. Jackson, Katy NeSmith, David Printiss, and Karla Brandt

Our field guides may be ordered by contacting us at (850) 224-8207.

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