Ecological Surveys

The Florida Natural Areas Inventory performs ecological surveys to target specific inventory needs of federal, state, and local land management agencies. Inventory scientists meet with land managers directly to discuss their greatest inventory needs, and select sites of highest priority based on those needs. Our staff of expert botanists, zoologists, and ecologists perform field surveys for a wide range of rare species in Florida. Information collected during field surveys assists land managers in their work and adds valuable data to the Inventory database.

Inventory staff are available to collaborate with federal, state, and local government agencies to conduct ecological field surveys. For more information, contact us.

View sample reports

Chassahowitzka WMA Rare Plants Survey (2011)

Chassahowitzka WMA Baseline Tortoise Survey (2011)

Guana River WMA Tortoise Survey (2011)

Surveys of Rare Lauraceae Species to Assess the Effect of Laurel Wilt Disease (2010)

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