JULY 2004


DATASET NAME: [CountyName]_Cemeteries


DATASET TYPE: ESRI Shapefile Format




GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This dataset contains historic cemetery boundaries and basic cemetery attributes as recorded at the Florida Master Site File.



Projection         Geographic Coordinates

Units              Decimal Degrees

Datum              NAD27

Spheroid           Clarke 1866


COMPUTER HARDWARE USED: Microsoft Windows-Based PCs and Servers




DATA VERSION: July 2004: This data set updates and replaces all previous versions of the Florida Master Site File historical cemeteries data layer.  This version incorporates newly recorded cemeteries and updates to previously recorded ones.  Data from the Florida Master Site File are continually updated.  This data layer is only current as of the date of this document.  Contact the Florida Master Site File for updated data layers.


DATA SOURCE: Source data were created by the Division of Historical Resources. The original boundary data are based on field recording forms and site plots submitted to the Site File.  Florida Master Site File site folders contain an historic cemetery form with descriptive location data, photographs and any site plots provided by the surveyor.


DERIVATION METHODS FOR DATA: This data layer was created using on-screen (heads-up) digitizing of cemetery locations in Arc/Info.  Scanned, georeferenced, 1:24,000 scale USGS quadrangles in geographic coordinates (lat./long., NAD27) were used as the background reference images.  In many cases the cemeteries already appear on the quad maps.



Name          Type     Length


SITEID        String      8

SITENAME      String     40

SURVEYNUM     String      5

CITY          String     24

YEARESTAB     String      5

OWNERSHIP     String     35

CEMTYPE1      String     50

CEMTYPE2      String     50

ETHNICGRP1    String     24

ETHNICGRP2    String     24

ETHNICGRP3    String     24

ETHNICGRP4    String     24

STATUS        String     24

CONDITION     String     50

SHPOEVAL      String     30

D_NRLISTED    Date        8

PLOTTYPE      String      4


SITEID: This is the official state site number assigned by the Florida Master Site File.  The state site number is an eight character string containing a two character county code, a five character numeric code, and an optional single letter character suffix (suffix letter is generally used to indicate sites that are functionally or spatially related).

SITENAME: The cemetery name as recorded at the Florida Master Site File. This is usually the principal or best known name for a cultural resource.  A site name of "NN" indicates no name has been designated for the site.

SURVEYNUM: The serial number assigned by the Site File to the manuscript produced by the project which identified or reexamined the cultural resource.  Not all cemeteries have an associated report or manuscript.

CITY: Nearest city or town to the cemetery.

YEARESTAB: If known, the actual date the cemetery was established.

OWNERSHIP: Ownership type.

CEMTYPE1 - CEMTYPE2: Cemetery type.  Explanations of the types follow.

COMMUNITY: A cemetery established by a group of families or residents of small villages which do not have an organized political structure.

COMPANY TOWN: A cemetery associated with a community established for individual workers by a specific company mining, textile, iron working, cigar manufacturing, etc..

EPIDEMIC: A cemetery that was established to bury victims of an epidemic disease such as cholera, yellow fever, or influenza.

FAMILY: A small, private burial place for members of the immediate or extended family.

FRATERNAL ORDER: A burial ground established for a fraternity or other social organization.

MEMORIAL PARK: A cemetery established as a component part of a memorial park.

MILITARY NOT NATIONAL: A burial ground established for war casualties, veterans, and eligible dependents.

MUNICIPAL: A cemetery established by an agency of local government.

NATIONAL: One of 130 burial grounds established by the Congress of the United States since 862 for interment of armed forces servicemen and women whose last service ended honorably.

POTTER’S FIELD: A place for the burial of indigent or anonymous persons.

PRISON: A cemetery associated with a state or federal prison that is used for burial of inmates who died while incarcerated.

RELIGIOUS: A cemetery or graveyard associated with an organized religion.

RURAL MOVEMENT: A burial place characterized by spacious landscaped grounds and romantic commemorative monuments established in a rural setting in the period of the young republic and at the dawn of the Victorian era.

OTHER: If the cemetery type does not fall into one of the categories listed above it may be listed as other.

ETHNICGRP1 - ETHNICGRP4: Ethnic groups interred.

STATUS: Current status of cemetery.

CONDITION: Condition of the cemetery.

SHPOEVAL: Evaluation of Florida's State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) concerning the eligibility of the resource for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.   In Florida, the SHPO is the Director of the Division of Historical Resources, acting through staff in the Bureau of Historic Preservation (BHP).  Generally the Site File database only contains evaluations made by the Compliance Review staff of BHP.  Some properties may be listed on the NRHP without having been reviewed by Compliance Review staff.  Therefore, an NR list date (indicating a property is NR listed) takes priority over a 'Not Evaluated by SHPO' value in this field.  Values in this field are limited to a discrete list of possibilities used in the Site File database lookup table.  Contact the Site File for more information.

D_NRLISTED: Date that the site was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).  The field is blank if the FMSF database does not indicate the property is National Register listed.

PLOTTYPE: A value of 'NORM' in this field indicates that the plot represents the actual boundary of the cultural resource as recorded by the surveyor.  A value of 'GV' General Vicinity in this field indicates that the site plot DOES NOT represent actual site boundaries, but rather bounds an area within which the site is believed to be located.


LIMITATIONS OF THE DATA/WARNINGS TO THE USER: The historic cemetery data are based on field reports which have been submitted by many and varied individuals, groups, institutions, and cultural resource firms.  Submissions to the Site File are sometimes accepted from amateurs as well as professionals.  The locations are only as accurate as the locational information submitted to the Site File by the site recorder.  The accuracy of submitted information cannot always be verified.  The absence of a cultural resource in this data layer does not preclude the existence of an unrecorded resource in the field.  The cemeteries recorded at the Site File represent only a fraction of the historic cemeteries present statewide.


The locations of archaeological sites, historic structures, unmarked human burials, cemeteries, and other cultural features contained in this and other Site File data layers are for resource management, law enforcement, and research purposes only.  State law protects archaeological remains on state owned and controlled lands section 267.13, Florida Statutes.  State law protects human burial sites on all lands sections 872.02 and 872.05, Florida Statutes.



AL Alachua         HA Hamilton          OK Okaloosa

BA Baker           HR Hardee            OB Okeechobee

BY Bay             HN Hendry            OR Orange

BF Bradford        HE Hernando          OS Osceola

BR Brevard         HG Highlands         PB Palm Beach

BD Broward         HI Hillsborough      PA Pasco

CA Calhoun         HO Holmes            PI Pinellas

CH Charlotte       IR Indian River      PO Polk

CI Citrus          JA Jackson           PU Putnum

CL Clay            JE Jefferson         SJ St. Johns

CR Collier         LF Lafayette         SL St. Lucie

CO Columbia        LA Lake              SR Santa Rosa

DA Dade            LL Lee               SO Sarasota

DE DeSoto          LE Leon              SE Seminole

DI Dixie           LV Levy              SM Sumter

DU Duval           LI Liberty           SU Suwannee

ES Escambia        MD Madison           TA Taylor

FL Flagler         MA Manatee           UN Union

FR Franklin        MR Marion            VO Volusia

GD Gadsden         MT Martin            WA Wakulla

GI Gilchrist       MO Monroe            WL Walton

GL Glades          NA Nassau            WS Washington

GU Gulf



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Report prepared by Vincent S. Birdsong



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