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Animals and Plants:

Bald Eagle
The bald eagle has great symbolic value for Americans, but the species was decimated by pesticides. The bald eagle is now on the road to recovery (photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth, courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
The relationships among animals and plants and people are just as complicated as the relationships between people. Our lives depend on some species for food, shelter, and just about everything else that�s not made of oil or mineral. Even money is made out of trees.

These relationships extend deep into our culture. Consider the images that pop into your brain when you think about roses or skunks. We have made many species into symbols of human feelings and ideas. Some animals and plants are rare or endangered because of their direct or indirect interaction with people. Some species that found in Florida today arrived here from a foreign country with an assist from people. Still other species are farmed and harvested for food.

In this section, you will find information and links that describe a few of the relationships in the ARROW region:
friends and protectors of rare species,
enemies of invasive species,
pleasure-takers (hunters, fish-catchers, watchers),
workers (commercial fish-catchers),
and rescuers (wildlife rehabilitators).

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