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Welcome to the ARROW project

ARROW's Mission:
to give citizens and planners access to land use planning tools and information for Florida's Apalachicola River Basin, including Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, and Liberty counties, and for Wakulla County

What's here?

In the Almanac:
- An introduction to the region's natural and human communities
- Oral histories - Memories and thoughts on the area from natives and long-time residents
- Background information on land use issues and natural resources
- Reference information on public lands and facilities

- Custom map-making capability
- Decision support tools

Data Library:
- Research reports
- Statistical data
- Downloadable files for GIS users

Two ways to start using ARROW:

  • use the menu at the top of the page and select Tools, Data, or Almanac
  • look at the Site Map for a more detailed list of the entire website


New Historical Tours Available On-line

As an extension of the original ARROW project, we have received grants to develop web-based historical tours of both Gulf and Franklin counties.

The new Franklin County historical tour website can be accessed by clicking here.

The Gulf County historical tour website can be accessed by clicking here.

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