Before that [before the mill was built], the land tapered down to the water ever so slightly, so when it came in they were going to build a paper mill right on the water so they could ship rolls of paper out on them big boats or ships.  So they had to go in and pump the bottom sand out of the bay up on the hill, and they raised the elevation about eight feet.  Then they put a bulkhead down, which is a piling – they drove these pilings down to hold the sand so it wouldn’t go back into the water.  And when they did this, this friend of mine, Billy Howard and I, we watched them do all this.  At that time I was ten years old and I had a lot of freedom; my mother gave me all kinds of freedom.  And we watched them pump this up.  And they would pump the sand and water up, and of course the sand would stay and the water would run back into the bay.  And we would stand out there in these big old pipes and we would catch fish – we’d catch flounder, mullet.  We could get a mess of fish in just nothing flat there.  And we were ten years old; we enjoyed that; part of my growing up.