That river settled our people.  And then too we had in the 1930s, you had outdoor boaters coming up.  So you had two types of fishermen that we observed from the swimming hole.


You had what we called the boat people and they would cruise up the river against the current and cast over the bank.  They were sports fisherman.  And we notice that they laughed a lot and joked.  And occasionally took a sip of booze and they were just having fun.


But the people on the people were very very quiet and very very serious.  They were fishing for food.  So you had two societies there.  And they got along I guess pretty well.  But sometimes the bank fisherman would complain about the motor boat going and disturbing their fishing.


But that river, for both food and recreation, meant a heck of a lot and, of course, the mere fact that the river was there was responsible for Marianna being located where it was in the 1820s.