me and my husband fished together a lot. And when we came home, we didn’t stop, we’d just come on and got us pans and knives and buckets and stuff and get out there out back and clean those fish. I don’t care nothing for eating fish. I’d keep a few and they can take what they want of them or we would give them away. My next door neighbor over here, she was sick for ten or fifteen years—not sick but she had arthritis so bad that she couldn’t fish. She was one of my fishing buddies. But we would give them to her. I just love to give somebody something. I got that from my mama. You couldn’t go to my mama’s house and leave without anything, and you couldn’t go to mama’s house in the morning, sit down and eat, and she’d tell you, “have you had breakfast today?” she was just like the man that lived by the side of the road. She had something for everybody.