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History: Voices from Jackson County

Larry Ford
Larry Ford was born August 9, 1945, in Marianna, Florida, with farming in his blood. He grew up on a small farm north of Malone. A state officer in the Future Farmers of America, he left Jackson County only long enough to attend and graduate from the University of Florida.
Click here for complete profile and to listen to his recollections of agriculture and raising cattle in Jackson County

Richard Hinson
Richard Hinson was born in Marianna, Florida, August 14, 1926, into an old Jackson County family. His father, one of thirteen horse and mule traders in Jackson County at the time, had moved to Marianna in 1921 from around Campbellton and Graceville, where the Hinsons had lived for four generations. Except for brief periods away at school and as a Navy SEAL in the Pacific during World War II, Mr. Hinson has lived all his life in Marianna. He and his wife Ann raised a family of four boys there. Mrs. Hinson recalls swimming at Blue Springs with her boys. When she was pregnant, they would push the raft over so she could sit on it. One night she dreamt the baby she was carrying was a turtle.
Click here for complete profile and to listen to his recollections of Blue Springs, Merritts Mill Pond, and the Chipola River

Laurence Pender
Laurence Pender was born in Greenwood, Florida, August 18, 1944, into a prominent family of merchants. At the time of the interview in December 2004, he owned and operated Pender’s Store, which has served Greenwood and the surrounding rural area since its construction in 1869. A one and one-half story frame vernacular building, the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Remnants of the past are everywhere—hat boxes, patent medicine bottle, hooks for harnesses and mule collars, catalogs of dresses, hats, and shoes, and ledgers recording decades of purchases of Jackson County citizens.
Click here for complete profile and to listen to his recollections of Pender's Store, Greenwood, and the surrounding rural community

Sarah Speights and Sarah Pender
Sarah Baker Speights was born January 1918 in Bay County, Florida. Her daughter Sarah Speights Pender was born in Marianna, Jackson County, December 1939. Sarah Speights is the granddaughter and Sarah Pender is the great granddaughter of Anderson Baker, a former slave. Through their work with Roy Roulhac on Jackson County, Florida, a volume in the Black American Series (copyright 2000 by Gilmore Academy-Jackson County Training School Alumni Association, Inc.), Mrs. Speights and Mrs. Pender learned more about their grandfather and in fact saw his photograph and a photograph of his house for the first time.
Click here for complete profile and to listen to their recollections of the Florida Caverns State Park area.

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