That field that adjoins the shelter cave on the inland side in that peninsula, at one time, twenty or thirty years ago, or forty, was cultivated.And watermelon, corn, but cultivated prior to being planted, and we never found an arrow point beyond arrow shot of the inland entrance of the cave, which then would all have been in heavy woodland.


And youíre looking at a radius probably of about 75 or 100 yards. And the field was cleared for 300 or 400 yards out there.It was just like looking when you past that 75 to 100 yard line, it was just like looking for a point on this book.There werenít any.


Which caused us to conclude, and I consulted with one or two of my amateur anthropology friends, and they came up with the same conclusion that I had.Those arrows had to be shot in defense of the entrance to that cave over generations endless, endless, hundreds and hundreds of years.


Because if we agree, and some of those points were absolutely beautiful, if you had spent that much time and energy knapping that point and it still had a shaft and feathers in it, you would darn sure go get it if you could.


And there must have been some kind of superstition of their attackers about using an enemyís weapons or something that they didnít gather them.But how do you explain that concentration, all within that distance?


We call it the Alamo Cave, and thatís part of the land that Iíve deeded to the state.